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At the age of 4, Sri Bham Parvati Mata received mantropadesha from Sri Bham Sheikh Abdul Swami. One day on the day of Shivratri, Sri Parvati Devi got married to Sri Bham Anvarananda Swami.

As per Guru's instructions, Swamigaru used to perform the duties of the ashram as Trikarna Shuddiga, and when he came home, he would fully inform Ammavari about every incident. Amma used to remember the mantra given by Guru every time she was doing any work. Amma attained self-enlightenment, and eternal self-realization (tattvamasi) through the secret teachings of both Pedda Swami and Anwaru Swami.

After Swami's incarnation, as per Swami's orders, amma brought a systematic approach to Ashram development, welfare of Peetham. amma treated all people equally without any differences of caste, religion or region. amma started the Jaitrayatra and went to the homes of every disciple and visited their welfare and hardships and blessed them.

Every guru in the world manifests in different ways. The incarnation of Shri Parvati Mata is unimaginable and beyond anyone's knowledge. Amma used to prepare and send Ayurvedic medicines for all diseases to many poor families very secretly. Besides that, he secretly gave money to the poor many times.Sri Parvathi Devi's avatar appeared mundane to the layman and spiritual to the spiritual.

Shri Parvathi mata glories are infinite. Amma taught the same mantra to those who received Mantropadesha from Swami and then went to Ammavari for Mantropadesha. So every person and every family has many glories. As a virtuous wife, mother, and presiding deity, Sri Parvathi Devi performed her duty as a righteous guru, her avatar, and her responsibilities by the order of Gurudev. 2018 Vikrama Nama Year bahula Paksha Shri Parvathi Devi Garu Sivaikya on 8th June in Saptami Tidinadu Satabhisha Nakshatra.

Mataji received guru instruction at a very young age:

Mataji with Bham Sheikh Abdul Swami at the age of 4 years.

Pujya sri mataji received upadesha at the youngest of age of 4 years from sri sri Bham Sheikh Abdul Swami. Mataji grew up with guru's blessings and by the will of guru dev.

Right from childhood mataji was very in the care of gurudev and impressing everyone with her spiritual preachings.

At the right age of marriage,sri sri Bham Sheikh Abdul Swami made mataji to marry his spiritual sucessor and son sri sri sri sadguru Anwarananda baba.

Mathaji's jaitra yatra.:

When a man gets in trouble, he goes to God's temple and beats a coconut to relieve his troubles he begs for healing and peace of mind. Because God does not speak,Some turn to Sadhguru for remedies for their troubles Praying with requests.

But man in his course of life Procedures being followed and things causing mental agitation Does not attempt to review. Although entering spiritual life He is far away from mental peace and is satisfied in his karmasiddhantyas.

That's why to eradicate the problems of husband and wife oprres and unrest in the family shri mataji started a spiritual piligrimage across all over telangana,andhra and karnataka.

They invited Pujyashri Mataji to blessed their homesand devotees aspired to become virtuous with the feet of Mataji.

Many people came forward and invited Matajigaru to their house.Mataji said that what cannot be achieved through fear can be achieved through devotion.

This spiritual pilgrimage started Indefinitely in various villages of Andhra and Karnataka regions.

without even caring  the firestorms and rains ,It was carried out with great devotion .

It was very modest with processions and house-to-house padha darshans.

Followed by MatajiNot only the devotees but also many non-devotees rejoiced at this approach.

To fill the lives of addicts with light of happiness.

Miracles During Jaitra Yatra:

In Jaitrayatra performed by Pujyashri Matajigaru Many miracles have impressed everyone in many villages.

In the month of May, the scorching sun hits Challini Mata Ji garu experienced it as a jelly. Moreover, it is not exposed to rain Mataji garu is greeted with rain as soon as she steps in the villages Incidents like this have surprised everyone.

For example Kundurpi Mandal, S.Mallapuram village for visit of Matajigaru on 29th May On the date, 2005 reached that village. As long as the sun is burning

The sky was blue except for a small cloud in the sky It is very peaceful. But when Mataji came there, Mataji was welcomed by a small cloud of raindrops, and in a moment the blue sky turned into black clouds and the rain poured heavily. Gained momentum. All the devotees and people came to invite Mataji They ran under the trees and hid their heads. after some time with the blessings of mataji the rain has stopped insight for the program. After  Devotees of S.Mallapuram Thanda ,A devotee named Narayana Nayak kindly invited mataji for the inaguration of bhajana mandir.


From Thanda to Kalyandurgam by car Mataji's vehicle got lost and took a bend in the middle of the roadstopped As the area is new to the driver Not knowing how to go, he squatted down. But at that time A torch flashed like a light in the rain in front of the car thinking that a vehicle is going ahead, go behind it and reached kalyandurgam. Later, the vehicle that was shown to them disappeared.Devotees felt  that Pujya Gurudev himself has come and helped them.

Besides, when Mataji was visiting near Peruru A village named Acchampally has been visited by some village deities for several years They surrendered to Mataji that they were not being worshiped and that they should be freed.Mataji told this to the people of the surrounding villages A meeting was held and the issue of village deities was reviewed. To Acchampally village The villagers say that there is a temple of the village gods at a distance of a kilometer .They have not been worshiped for several years. As Mataji herself, the villagers are close to the village deities,Pujas were performed in the presence OF MATHAJI .


These village deities are sattvic in nature Since Sri Kalavara is not asked for animal sacrifices, henceforth regular pujas are performed It was explained to the villagers that it should be organized. Later it rained in the village As it rained, the joy of the people in that village knew no bounds.Many more miracles like this in Mataji's spiritual journey took place. Matajigari's pilgrimage is full of devotion and ecstasy

The devotees who participated witnessed these miracles directly.

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